Helen B.

Just go out and play – Those words are spoken to our children so often, so why is it we cant take our own advice?

Well at the moment I am fortunate enough no have the time to play, I’m home all by myself for the next two weeks.  I have moved my son to his university in Tasmania, which involved a car ferry, lots of driving and a flight home for me.   I was sorry I missed the Skype call; I did listen to it this morning and found it very enlightening.

My husband has gone to New Zealand fishing for two weeks so its just me and the dog doing what we want Yippeeeee

Sorry if I sound excited but after having a very busy house with two young adults and a husband its bliss to have the house to myself.

Anyway back to art, well I have found this week interesting?  I can pretty much do as I want and am thinking that I need to think about some sort of routine so when life does get back to normal I wont loose my art time through mundane life gets in the way stuff.

I subscribe to Creative Bug and do a few of the classes; one of my favourite instructors is Lisa Congdon.  I have been doing her latest class Creative Boot Camp and tackling some things I wouldn’t normally do which is good.  Its nice to step out of the comfort zone and use different materials.

So yes I have given up things to create this week and although I haven’t been obsessive with the making I have been obsessive with placement.  I’ll let the photo explain.