Sara N.

I have thought a lot about moments when I say 'wow' after seeing something.  And it occurred to me that the last time I said 'wow' after viewing clothing people had made was when a friend had made several coats using Koos van den Akker 's techniques.  I was so very impressed.  The result of mixing all these different fabrics, new and old, traditional and high tech just looked amazing to me.  I thought this was really really lovely and striking.

Koos van den Akker was the pinnacle of couture collage and willingly shared his techniques.  I have read, and I have found it to be true, that his style is not something you necessarily get the most benefit from viewing 2D photos etc.  His work is 3D, and is the whole body of the garment and can only really be appreciated fully this way.

So, I now realise, I can practise some of these techniques and to my own ideas of refashioning and minimal waste, using the left over fabrics from projects and scraps and fabric from clothes I no longer can wear, to create my own library of fabric pieces to mix and to match, to embellish, to apply many techniques.

This past week I have definitely spent more time in my sewing room than I have for ages.  Some things in the house have been left of the back burner waiting for me to re-appear, such as housework, but then I also notice I have become a little more organised.  Maybe as my focus to what I want to achieve has become a little more directed and sharper, it makes you address other issues in your life.