Jo Van L.

I have always felt like paintings or art quilts are better if they are larger than life. I have never said “wow” or outstanding for smaller works…. except miniature quilts where the little pieces are teeny-tiny. I am so impressed because I feel that is something not in my wheel house. I make my pieces the size I do because it works for me physically. I am so fortunate to have use of my right arm. I have had six surgeries and have a totally rebuilt elbow. I was told with careful use, it would last five to ten years. I am on year eight! I can’t say I am totally careful but I do try to remind myself not to overwork it. So working with my realistic limitation, I can do my best to create fantastic work that is not as large as I would like.

I need to push myself to develop ideas more. I have a tendency to hurry through things. My aha moment came the other day. I am working on pieces with texture. I enjoyed that and I think I have made some decent pieces. My next challenge will be to make more complex cloth. I want to learn to layer. This means I need to slow down and allow time for the process.

I thought about making something with 100 somethings. I thought 100 pieces of fabric, 100 designed blocks and then I thought about 100 buttons. I then thought of a design to display the buttons. This piece actually has 150 buttons. I first counted 100 buttons and started sewing them on. As I sewed, I realized that 100 was not enough so I added more.