Stella W.

The Power of Limitations

Last Easter my studio partner moved out of our shared studio and into her newly converted garage studio at home.  I used the two week Easter holiday to clear out my studio with its extra space. With the help of a friend we paint all the walls white and partitioned the space to create a clean and tidy gallery were I can display my work and a working area. It was by sheer good fortune and coincidence that I achieved this the week before Creative Strength training started. 

Setting limits is what I now need to do. I have two main themes to my work. The first is creating surrealistic textile bird sculptures. The birds evolved from a doodle based in a continuous line looped in a figure of 8. The second is making small sculptures based on hand deformities. I began making these when I developed rheumatoid arthritis in 2014. Oh! and to get a bit of observational drawing practice I regularly attend life drawing classes which I love.

People generally love the birds. I love my hand sculptures and the best of the life drawings pile up in portfolios in the studio!

I am currently developing the hand sculptures in pottery and print as well as textile. I am making one to be cast in bronze just because the opportunity was there to make one at an affordable price. I would love to make some really large sculptures to be displayed outdoors. The biggest I have made is a two metres tall denim one which sits in the corner of the studio.

I have been told that I need to concentrate on just one or two media. So that would be sculpture and printmaking then? Textile is the easiest and most versatile of media for me to create sculptures. Set over wire and papier-mache perhaps or a wooden or wire armature and/or filled with polyester fibre such as the fill duvets with.

The only restriction on the size of each piece is the storage space needed and the ease of transport.

Ok, good! Sorted. By the end of this summer I will concentrate on my hand sculptures. Why not immediately? Well I need to finish the birds I’ve started and those to be entered into competitions and complete a commission.

That’s the theory, Now for the practice…