Sharon R.


The power of limitations

As I stood in my sewing room thinking about what I might need to get rid of, I found myself smiling, because this is such a happy mess.  It is not really a mess; it is full.  There is evidence of a sewing project, a beading project, a spinning project, and several knitting projects.  There is a huge bulletin board of inspirational magazine rips and instructions and sayings.  There are beautiful fabrics hanging on the walls.  There are thrift store finds to be re-cycled.  There are peg boards of thread.  Oh, how glorious!  I do limit myself to making clothes because that is what I love.  I confess to sometimes dithering and being indecisive because there are so many choices of what to work on, but that problem is caused by my trying to satisfy perceived external demands (for example, the knitted sweater for my baby nephew).  It really helped me when Jane said that I must think I am pretty important.  Ha! I seem to learn and then forget that insight periodically.  There is no one in my family sitting around thinking, “Well, where is my sweater from Aunt Sharon.”  There is no one any where judging the quantity or quality of my output.  There is no way to judge which is the most important and no reason to do so.  Thus, my limitation is on who gets to dictate what I work on next.   I will choose to work on whatever strikes my fancy at the moment, whatever is most beautiful or most creative at the moment.  No overanalyzing.  Just playing.