Sandy G.

I LOVED this week’s assignment! 

I have too much stuff everywhere….clothes, beads, art supplies, FABRIC!!!!!!, notions….quilting magazines….I had decided to redo my “sewing room” several months ago. and having read “the life changing magic of tidying-up” i am ready to “Kondo-ize” my clothes, books etc…. the problem has been time…and terror….

I have reached the time in my life, as others have also come to, when i realized that if i live to be 200 i wont be able to complete all the projects i have stuff for! i have succumbed to Jane’s apt description of “the seduction of possibility” for too many years! so i end up managing stuff…instead of being productive!

So I decided that if i am going to believe that i can live the life i want to live, then i need to reorganize, declutter in order to achieve breathing room and space to create…I visited a friend’s sewing room and got inspired…and we had an upcoming wedding to attend in Charlotte, NC…where there is an IKEA!!!!! so i planned my new room. Visited IKEA the sunday morning after the wedding…And it is going to be awesome…i wish i had taken before pix….I have made most of the IKEA furniture…and am waiting for my husband to help anchor the book cases to the walls…and to make the table top for my sewing machine and serger…unfortunately not until this coming weekend….but i am coming to terms with what i love and what can go…..which is a good thing…

I plan to deal with my bead studio as well (would be too embarrassed to post a photo of said studio!!!)…there are beads I wonder why i bought in the first place! One big thing i have learned there is that i need to follow my heart and make what i love, not what i think someone will buy. And, they sell better! :-)

So my limitation for the project was to alter a reject block from a quilt I hope to finish someday….(yup…one of many of those….)

I photographed it, printed it out and cut it up into various shapes…the thing that was most pleasing to me was the strips….so i wove them…and this is the first iteration….i feel it needs more PINK!!! so i will add that and actually sew it maybe by hand as my machine is not set up yet in my new space…..(i did this BEFORE looking at Open Studio! and was pleased to see Kerstin’s woven calligraphy!) I think i will rearrange the strips as well…but definitely add more pink! and i will post my results…..

Looking forward to getting cleared out…and moving forward!