Pauline C.

Cleaning out anything is a tremendous challenge for a hoarder like me.  But I'm up for the task.

First thing to go will be the 12 jade green nightshirts I bought back in the '80's because I felt sure I could do something with them.  They are destined for the local charity shop, only problem is I'm loathe to send them off without some sort of "enhancement" - it just goes against my better nature to leave something unadorned.

So what's the problem with these nightshirts - the bright jade green colour.  I am just not fond of it and this is probably the reason they have been tucked away in the "too hard" basket so long. I considered screenprinting some random shapes, maybe even a catchy little phrase, a bit of applique?  Problem is the green colour is still "there".  Out with the bleach bottle, some twine and plumbing pipe, a bit of wrapping and scrunching and I[ve managed to get rid of some of that colour and have gained a livelier look in return.  One down and 11 more nightshirts to go - no, I think I'll let their next owners have a bit of fun too.