Meegan M.

Looking back through essays for some guidance and comfort today, I was struck by “The Guest House” which Jane shared in Week Three.

And tried to make better sense of my own continuum from joy to depression:


What clearing for what delight, dearest Rumi?

Today, this week: first joy and then a dive….

It may have been the the home studio that did it. (Yes, there is another.)

Too many spaces filled with too many things. Overwhelm. Tears.

Once upon a time there was utter order, to an unhealthy degree. 

A move to “cure” that tendency let another sort of creature in the door. 

One not so simple to un-invite.

Chaos her name, she resides with me still. (But only in specified corners.)


I have started before. I will continue to start until it’s better than a start, and until the joy returns.


So today I built a fence instead.

Now there’s a start. To joy in the yard.

In need of further soothing, I tried haiku for the first time:


Please be of good cheer.

Sometimes the journey is hard,

But beauty awaits.


There are beautiful concepts waiting for me to address them. Some mapped and ready for attention. Sometimes I feel overloaded with vision and content and meaning, and the “clearing” likely needs to happen there, as well. Or just prioritizing. Choose based on where the joy and juice is flowing. Keep it simple, and keep going.

I kept things simple and I kept going today…and now I have a fence.