Khurshid B.


My family will tell you that I am a compulsive hoarder and buyer but I have tried very hard to restrain myself as well as try hard to clear some of the stuff I have.  I can’t even call my room a studio because it is just full of stuff and it is very cold in the winter months.

I have taken part in the Journal Quilts challenge in the UK and have made my own personal challenge to use what I have and not buy one item.  So I am doubly pleased that I managed to finish my pieces one day ahead of schedule (!!) and use a variety of my own hand dyed fabrics.  I am uploading one so you can see it.  Every four months the colour changes – for the next four months it is green and you have to use at least half an inch (not cut up) in the piece. 

I haven’t bought any commercial printed fabric for almost two years (but I still have masses).  I have filled and given/thrown away some bags over the past week but I confess it has hardly made a dent in what I have.  It is going to take me months to clear but clear I need and hope to do.