Anne W.

Generally speaking clearing out is not something I struggle with. In fact I have often been at odds with my family over the years as my husband and two of my three children have a tendency to hoard. I was even feeling very pleased with the 'Big Clearout' I did in my workroom at the beginning of the year. It changed from being a storeroom full of potentially useful stuff to an accessible appealing workroom, a room I was suddenly very happy to be in at every opportunity. So when I saw the title for the 4th week, I felt a bit smug and thought 'Yes, been there, done that'. However having read through the text, I realise, no I haven't quite got it 'right' yet!

I now realise I have materials and resources I bought or acquired for courses or interests I wanted to try out thinking I would 'really like to do that'.  It is now clear if I am being honest with myself that although I enjoyed and gained a lot from such courses, the main benefit was for me to expand and broaden my skill base and creative approach and not pursue that particular technique. My core way of working still revolves around painting on silk, my first love, but I now incorporate other materials and techniques into this aproach to make my work more interesting and unique to me.  

I am also going to do a further clear out and 'give away', although I must admit that as I write this I know when it comes to it, it will feel still feel difficult. The what if, just in case, what a waste of money and so on, thoughts are still trying to sneak in. 

The next thing will then be to arrange and store what I plan to keep to make them clearer and more readily accessible. This should help both with saving time in looking for something but also with prompting me to consider including something because I see it!