Anne J.

Clearing the clutter / using what’s in the studio

 I have always had a workspace so when we moved into this house in 1981 I commandeered the best room in the house for my workroom ( I never called it a studio back then). As the years went by and family grew I had to sacrifice my space for their space and as a result I have had studio space in nearly every room in the house. In the years when I worked from home and afterwards when I owned a fabric shop I managed to accumulate vast quantities of stuff. The shop closed and as the family moved out I filled the spare rooms with left over stock as well as my own private stash.

I have a rule that whenever I begin a new project I do a clear-out with varying degrees of success but Christmas 2014 was the catalyst.

After my youngest daughter moved out, I was standing in her room one day and thought if we knocked the wall down between it would make a great studio. Talked the husband into it (not very hard as he hates sitting around over the holidays) by Jan I had a lovely new studio with a wet and dry area at the front of the house with great light and loads of storage space (upcycled every spare bit of wood in the neighbourhood and recycled any shelving from my old studio.) It was all so new I didn’t want to put anything into it at first so over the next couple of weeks I sorted, filed, and bagged up anything that was surplus to requirements. Craft supplies and notions to my local craft group, fabrics to my students at the local college.

But of course as its been over a year since the big clear out things have begun to slide and when I signed up for this course I knew this would come up so I did another clear out over the Easter holidays another box of stuff for the crafters and more fabrics for the students.

Working with limitations.

Week 2 we worked on dismantling the square, I had seen the possibilities for making a 3d piece so I worked on this using only what I had to hand in the studio.