Ricki O.

Because I work as an art teacher and community artist, work often seems to take up a big amount of extra time that stretches beyond the confines of normal working hours. It's sometimes hard to find space to be an independent artist as well.  Time is my greatest limiting factor and I've been ruminating about that a lot since I started this course. 

Can I turn it around so that my paid work is able to facilitate my more personal work?

- Work as a subject- make something (a journal? a series of journals?) about my fluctuating relationship to work. 

- Community art projects - the project itself- do something extra that becomes                             personal addition to theproject.  Sometimes really good to ride the wave of the excitement of an existing project.

- Use left over materials from my work projects and make something more personal out of           them. 

- Use processes that I've developed for community art projects to create more personal projects. Or take something you've been doing with students and subvert it. Should I keep some processes secret so they remain my personal style or feed them back into the class?

- Make samples as examples for teaching that are completed works in their                                     own right.  

-Acknowledge to myself how much of teaching and community art projects are                           creative processses in their own right and allow myself the space to be satisfied with this when they take up all my time.