Sue W.

Exploring Limitations

Oh! I empathize so much with this “buying supplies for projects”, always something new – visiting another trade show and getting excited about yet another development or procrastination – distraction from weaving …

But last week’s session and now this week’s session – I realize I must/need to concentrate on Tapestry weaving NOW.

About 2 years ago I moved from France to Norfolk UK and had a big clear out – I’m beginning to realize what and why I gave things away - the unconscious working perhaps – so now it’s a question of using what there: limitations and SEEING the creativity of these limitations.

To my horror, on Friday, I passed the building where I had my first tapestry and rug exhibition – yes, the horror was that it was 40 years ago: I stopped the car walked back and took a photo – I was doing tapestry and loving it – so much has happened since then.

So I have decided that my limitations will be:

Four sketchbooks: focused ideas will be

40 years on

Pages divided into 5 year sections and write only words (no phrases or sentences) good and bad, positive and negative; this will enable me to see my life and passions


Printing of beach photos drawing ideas from these for tapestries limiting colour and yarn textures, a deliberately limited palette, this will sharpen focus.

Sea – the same as for beach but different colours and yarns, limited palette again.

Coastal Stripes – colourful short stripes that will continue my passion for the Bauhaus and Kente Cloth and relating them to colourful coastal images – beach huts etc. …

This whole exercise has been cathartic, encouraging, focusing, enlightening and getting back to my creative roots.