Paula K.

This week’s exercise was revelatory. Setting limits can help you get further! I decided to use limitation with some pieces I’d already started working on or planning. I limited myself to just using what I had at home on that day. No going out to buy anything, or waiting until I could get to the studio to pick something else. It focused the mind and forced decisions.

So I had a triptych I’d started. Using three smallish half-felts I had cut through them all and then swopped the pieces. I knew I wanted to join them with an insertion stitch but wasn’t sure with what so I limited the choice of colour of thread I could use to orange, blue or white. Ideally I would have used wool because I wanted to further felt the pieces and the wool would have felted too. But I didn’t have the right colour wool so used orange cotton. Having the limited choice made the selection easier. They’re not finished. I’m going to limit myself in the finishing too I’ve decided, but not sure what that limitation is going to be yet. Because the cotton hasn’t pulled the pieces back together in the way wool does (I’ve been exploring the disconnect, pulling pieces apart at the lines of stitch when further felting them) I’ve got to think more about the background they’re going to go on to or get creative and exploit the line in a different way. The piece is called ‘Land, Sea, Sky’. Simple all round.

I’ve tried writing haiku too!

 The sea is alive

It breaks against the still land

Ceaselessly moving

I also did a piece in black, white and grey. Limited my time on this one. Just to see what I could come up with. More learning so invaluable! I just worked on all of these, focusing on the limitations. No judgement as I went along. It was fun. Again I learned in the process. Am more set up to work on another piece that’s been on my mind for some time.