Kerstin E.


This lesson has been an eye opener for me. I can make lists with different pens, papers or other materials I REALLY need to get to be able to make something terrific. If I am lucky the things can not be bought in Sweden and then I have to wait for a delivery from abroad. And until that parcel has arrived I can of course not make anything because I have not access to the perfect material or the perfect tool. Somewhere inside myself I know that this only is a way to postpone things but still, it is an old habit that is hard to change. 

But this week no new things came over my doorstep. One of the things I have done is that I opened a drawer with practice papers for calligraphy. Cut up some of them and weaved them together. The result is on the photo. I have not mounted it definitively yet. I have not decided if I should have the flaps our cut them off.

I loved this way to work. It is a relief to work with the things I have and not trying to get access to more and more things. 

As comes to my material I sorted a lot of things around my holidays around Christmas because one of my problems was that I couldn´t find my things. Now much of it is organised in boxes and the boxes are marked with their content. I have a set of drawers left that still is unsorted but I am much more organised today than I was a couple of months ago. 

And one big piece of equipment will soon be in my home (but will have its place in the barn). A hand weaving-loom with the possibility for counter marsch. I am happy that I decided to buy this second hand loom before I read this weeks lesson because I have no idea what I could take out that is in the same size.