Heidi F.

The power of limitations.

I loved the sound of this. I had a clear out a little while ago after reading Marie Kondo's - The life-changing magic of tidying. Only keep what sparks Joy!!!

You go through one category at a time, ie clothes, paper, etc.

However I have found it hard to get rid of craft stuff, as I am still trying to figure out what I want to make versus what people might buy?  I had a heart scare last week and was unable to get started/concentrate on this week.

However, I have been able to get rid of more stuff kept just in case. 3 years on I am still not a fan of working with denim, looked great on pinterest, just not me. I don't enjoy making cute things. I like stuff that is a bit different, I have never bought jewellery from a shop, it has always been handmade either from a market stall or craft fair. I enjoy making contemporary felt necklaces/bangles and I am still experimenting. I still have a lot to learn, now is a good time to start afresh and concentrate on what sparks joy.

My favorite bit this weekend was getting up early, before anybody else, sitting on my sofa witb my 95 pound doberman Kaos whilst doing a bit of stitching. Pure bliss.