Chris C.

I went through this exercise a couple of months ago. My sewing area takes up half the lounge room and it was decided that the family would be better suited if it was moved to the other half(bless them for putting up with it at all!).

The move brought about a big clean-up of all the stuff and reorganisation of my space. A few things were disposed of, though not masses, but  it was sorted into tubs which went onto newly purchased shelving and wonderful, dedicated  work spaces  appeared when the mess was cleaned up.  Happily, the result has been a huge surge in the amount of work I have achieved.

I'm afraid I am not going completely reform my messy ways - there is too much fun in the purchase of potential and it is a habit too long ingrained, but I am going to keep it contained. It is very satisfying to be able to just start work on a project without having to look for a clear horizontal surface.