Sarah D.

Power of Limitations

I live with my husband in a very lovely one bedroom flat in Brighton. It's a good size for the 2 of us but there are no extra rooms for a studio. I haven't had a studio for many years now and have worked in different make shift areas in the different flats I've lived in, parents garage etc. I've been a gypsy artist! We moved into our current flat a few months ago. At this point I had a big clear out of lot of my materials, equipment etc that weren't relevant any more. Now have a few boxes in the lounge. 

My parents garage needs a very big sort out however!! I have loads of boxes in there still of bits and bobs from my weaving and printing days. Holding onto it just in case. Some is of course still relevant but loads can be donated to local schools etc. (Phone call made... going back in Buckinghamshire in two weeks to sort the situation!)

One of the issues that this weeks lesson is making me address, is my need for a more permanent space in the flat that I can work in ...and finding a way of working that doesn't need much space. I haven't quite figured it out yet. Space wise furniture needs to be shifted and bits that have been waiting to go into the loft, need to needs to be made. It's doable. 

It's been frustrating working in such an ad hoc way over the years. Harder when living in flat share with mates. Renting a separate studio in Brighton has always been beyond my means. Getting everything out, then putting it all away again. Another reason for not doing any artwork when I get home from my full time job. Especially when tired. Too much effort!! That's happened many times.

And so moving on in thought to the processes, materials and equipment I use. I trained as a weaver and printer. This of course involved loads of paraphernalia. A loom the size of small caravan lol. It demanded a unrealistic ceiling height that only a Regency townhouse had. Bit too expensive for my pocket. At one point I had enough stuff to fill a studio, garage and a lock up. I'm now down to a few boxes. 

I don't know now how to start, what processes and equipment to use. I haven't done any weaving and printing for years. The last I saw of the loom it had been rammed into a blue Volvo estate and was disappearing along the South Bank in London. Had to sell it due to a move. 

So starting to think about what's next...these are some of my thoughts at present....

- I have done lots of painting commissions. Takes up loads of space. Like to paint big. Paint would get splattered over our new smart tv! Could try painting smaller of course and not near the tv

- Constantly take photos and edit them. I love doing that. No space needed there. 

- I have been recycling my old vintage thread bare, all danced out dresses into cushions. Love the memories that flood back when I look at them. 

So to next step. See where that takes me. 

Plan the tools....eeek!!! As above!