Pat B.

This week’s lesson really hit home for me.  When we moved to our current home I realized just how much stuff I actually had.  The attic was filled with raw fleece that “one day I will get to this” syndrome, my small studio had wool with the same thought.  I realized that it would take a forty yard container just to move my “stuff”.  I started to purge, fabric went to the seniors for their craft room; yarn and paints to the schools for their arts program and the fleece, well it was too far gone to have anything done with it and this taught me a lesson, sometimes the “one day I will use this” actually becomes landfill as the materials become brittle and useless.

Once a year I do a major purge of my home as well as my studios.  I go through everything and do this between Christmas and New Year so I will have a clean slate to start new work.  This year I waited until I had my exhibition work completed then went through everything in the dye studio.  I had run out of certain materials that I was using for this project but decided because our dollar was so low and the cost of shipping such a small amount of product so high, I decided to use up what was on the shelf.  Instead of having so many different dyes why not mix the colours myself, after all, had I not just completed Jane’s colour course where we did just that?

This year I have another major project with an installation artist who does environmental art.  We decided to use only materials that I have in my stash and dyes that are presently on my shelf to create this piece.  This should wipe out most of my existing materials and provide space for whatever is next on the agenda.

I did not have anything to cut up as I give all my scraps to a quilter and she creates the most wonderful items and this is how I am able to maintain my one in one out rule.