Maureen M.

This week comes at just the right time for me, I want to get going on a clear path for my creativity. Cleaning out my studio (and it is my studio not my sewing room), and deciding exactly what supplies I need and use the most.

I made a list of what I like to do and what supplies I need to have on hand, not surprising, I have most of them. Then I went through everything and decided what I can get rid of. I took quilting videos to HalfPrice Books and scored $45! Gifted my granddaughter with a basket of fabric she can play with this summer and have a garbage bag full to take to Goodwill.

This weeks lesson really resonates with me. Yes, I am guilty of buying lots of supplies. I read and admire someone’s work so I have to have what they used, maybe if I use their products my work will be better. If I take a class from that teacher I will be able to work like them. It is a continuous circle, but I am starting to slow it down. Last year I made a conscious decision to not buy any fabric and I stuck to it. I did buy other supplies like threads and paints. I went to the Houston Show for the first time and was not tempted to buy anything.

I have set limitations for the next few months, nothing bigger than 20 inches and use mainly eco-dyed and rusted fabric with recycled fabrics. With content, I plan on focusing on a few techniques, master them well and not try to put everything I know in one project.

After being in Arizona for the winter, going through my tudio back home, I felt like I was connecting with old friends. Touching my supplies reignited my energy started new ideas. Doing the writing assignments for this course has been very helpful, over the years I have purchases so many beautiful journals but haven’t used them. This time I am using a plain old composition book and having no problem writing.

I redid a canvas I had started years ago, used many layers which have meaning to me and am very happy with the result.