Theresa F.

Yay!!!!!....I've made a some space cleared.  I have been unable to let go of a lot of fabric that has been used in dressmaking over the years .... today is the day where I let it go.  No more holding on to it ...just in case.  Similar for lots of stuff that has accumulated in my studio space .....all on the basis of....on day might come in handy.   In truth most of it has been acquired in my efforts to find my art.....copying/mimicking others.....trying to 'fake till i make it'....or trying adopt the practices/processes of others ...if it worked for them it might work for me.  Nothing stuck....moved on to the next thing.....

Now...there I space and most of what is here connects to me in some this point it is asserting that it has a place here.   There has been some interesting discoveries ...'so that's where all the embroidery scissors ended up", a lot of stalled projects have been given away.  Some stalled projects have been dismantled and the resources moved back into my collection.

I found an old stack of visual journals - I am planning a small ritual to let these go - flames.

I have found and gathered together lots of working and resolved samples for ideas explored ....not sure what I will do with these yet.   

Figures- 6 bags of stuff - 2 actual rubbish - put in the bin, 4 bags of fabrics, tools and miscellaneous textilely/sewing related stuff - charity - as per picture. 

There was some 'GOLD'.....I did find a couple of stitched samples from years ago that really excited me when I came across them - 'YES, this is what I want to do more of!!!!'  Out of everything in the studio - they seemed to be my authentic artistic voice. 

I found a range of articles and ripped out magazine images collected over the years - tossed most - did notice a theme emerge in some of the material - mummies/burial rites/practices.....gathered them together and will come back to later...I think there is something in this collection for me to work with at some point.

There is more energy in my studio space - it feels like potential.