Cheryl C.

Stuff & Supplies:

I have been into limiting my stuff for awhile even though I still have too much stuff w which to work. I have downsized to one house and therefore one studio. In addition, I cleaned out and got rid of my deceased sister’s two studios over the past year. It has been cathartic and yet in the process I seem to have more stuff in my now one studio than ever before. Because most of it has been recently touched I do seem to know what I have even though I cannot always find it because there is just too much, most of which I seem afraid to part with because I “might” need it or I “might” shift my work a bit and it will be just what is needed.

I have a serger that I could certainly get rid of, but it is neatly tucked away in the attic so it is not a daily reminder that it should go. Will I ever use it? I doubt it. It should probably be in the hands of someone who would use and enjoy it.

There is an extra sewing machine in my possession. I have kept it because it is my “take to class” machine. Oh, and it is an extra should one of my other machines break down.

In my studio there are duplicates of thread, scissors, paint brushes, wax and saran paper, batting, pens and pencils, dyes and paints, trims, etc. Most I just consider back ups for what I do do or supplies on hand in case I shift what I am doing. I have lots of fabric, but I am not buying anymore and haven’t for sometime. I either use what I have as it is or over dye it to get something that will work.

The real issue is that I have not centered enough on my techniques or found “my voice” in my art. That leaves me not knowing what might be needed. Cheryl C.