Kay W.

I have been incredibly sidetracked with the end of the school year and house issues, but suspect it is a rouse to keep my mind off the artwork I do not do, for reasons unknown to me.

But, in the midst of this, I decided to declutter a couple of rooms filled with fabrics, some for quilters - those are leaving.  I have made decisions based on a committee of one.  Some days, there is only one person, so unless they are crucial to the three tops for quilting, then they are gone.  There are two more in bags to be done.  Eventually.  I have a short list of traditional quilts meaning for bed, not block patterns to be finished.  

Then my fabrics to dye and my dyes stay.

I asked the committee to adjourn so I could choose what I want to do.  I have made choices of drawing with the machine, painting cloth and water color.  

I make art daily as my job.  I am taking this class to build creative personal strength.  To get out of my own way.  I read your thoughts and pathways and they are so interesting, not unsimiliar to my own.  That is comforting. 

 I just can't sit and redish the past, been there and done that.  So I glean what I can take away from the process.  Your process is wonderful, don't misunderstand.  I have done alot of this in my own process.  I am having to pick and choose what I will do as my plate is full.  No that yours isn't.  I am so afraid that I will insult someone, somehow, that it is such a risk to even write this.

I could say, I never should have signed up for this class so fast on a whim.  But I don't believe in whims so to speak.  I am learning from the process and I do try to share as best I know how.   I wanted to reach out and touch other artists or interested people.  When I saw this class, I just signed up, it's a fresh glass of water to me in a parched field. 

I have changed all of my plans this weekend to stay home and declutter, and do some art.  There are a couple of projects I really want to tackle.  Without this class, I would not be in this mind frame.  I will try to share more soon.  Don't be to hard on my lack of whatever as I spend days and nights working alone.  It bothers me sometimes that, my path has turned out this way.   I know I am not unique, nor am I trying to be.  

Some seasons in life are a tad more challenging than others.

My AC went out yesterday.

  The deck roof is now leaking

and baby needs new shoes.  

 Ok, no baby needs new shoe.  Have two dogs, but it made a nice third line.