Leslie B.

I'm late, I'm late!!! No, not really ... I was percolating all the thoughts and suggestions. I am a thinker ....

I too had been doing some drawer cleaning of late. Not a full on purge, but at least a start. In the past I used my need to tidy a messy studio as my #1 reason or stall that prevented me from working - ok, sometimes it is an absolute disaster that does need a sort before my mind and hands can get engaged with making art. But not all the time.

A few lessons to glean from this - so obvious that it is almost (but really) shameful!!

At the end of studio time, clean up a bit! Throw out garbage, clean brushes, etc. ... Leave/arrange materials that I will continue with on the table and perhaps add anything that I think that I might use next time. Pin up/hang whatever I have been working on so that I can really see it when I walk into or by the studio!!!! This is soooooo important to me - if I walk by it often enough (and occasionally sneak up on it :) .... I am often able to 'solve' a problem or spark an idea to develop on it!!! 

Did I mention that I am a magpie!!! New and shiny make my head snap around!!! I have placed a moratorium on acquisition for the sake of ???? Really, what was I thinking.  I AM USING WHAT I HAVE TO HAND!!! If, after much deliberation (and that is the next lesson) I really do need  something then consider it. 

Jane, this line from the lesson has really stuck with me ... I think that I might just post it beside my design wall.

There are a variety of straightforward ways to shape work intentionally by choosing the tools processes, and materials used to create it. 

p.s. I have spent more time in my studio over the last couple of weeks than I have in the last 6 months!! :D