Teresa V.


The workshop on ‘limitations’ has come at a very opportune time. ‘Getting my ‘house in order’ is all I want to do. My daughter finished school last year and is just about to start University. It was a very stressful year for her (and us!) Although she is quite academic, she is not the most naturally organized person. As her anxiety levels rose, so did the mess of papers and books. Although, I tried to help her organise things, she fought it constantly. Finally, over the summer break, we tackled it together and can finally see some clear air. I joked that clearing it all was like an archaeological dig. She admitted recently that she feels calmer when her things are organized. I guess now that the stress has abated, she can think more clearly.

I am a reasonably organized person, but it is easy to let ‘stuff’ pile up. Being a teacher, I have a lot of resources, which vie for space with my sewing/art materials.

Coincidently, the weekend after Lesson 4 went up, there was an article about Marie Kondo’s latest book in a Sunday paper magazine. I went back and read her original book. Although, I don’t necessarily agree with all her ideas, it was the impetus I needed to tackle my bathroom cupboard and the floor of my wardrobe (little steps!) My sewing room will be done soon.

Placing limitations on my artwork is a whole other issue. I think if I can sort my materials out, being more productive will follow. For me, the two things are linked.

I too, feel calmer when things are in some sort of order and there is space to think and work.