Sandy G.

Ahhh, that word alone ‘Limitations’ does not immediately change my breathing pattern but can do so, after I fully understand how it is to be used. So I went into this week with excitement and enthusiasm.  Here was my chance to organize, clear out, and inventory what I was calling, ‘the guest room’ which became ‘my room’ after buying a used desk with the intent of using it as my sewing table.  The other desk had my lap top and printer stacked with papers, not only on top but on the two large shelves as well.  Gleefully I grabbed the papers, already group and put them in paper bags to be sorted later.  I have a tendency, let’s say a huge, tendency to get bogged down in the paperwork and end up being exhausted from the brain drain.  And the art supplies and fiber contents were The important items to deal with. The book case was fairly organized but I was beginning to lose items on it.  My husband was sweet enough to move his items off the top shelf so I could reorganized my art supplies and group like items together and actually see what I had.  The written inventory was done. How exciting, never done that before. Next was to tackle the items thrown on the bed.  You know those things of ‘to be put away later……when I find a place.  The head board was removed so I now have a ‘studio couch’ covered in an handwoven, hand dyed irate bed cover from Uzbekistan. Another cabinet was cleaned out and the next cabinet with full shelves of odds ’n’ ends that “I just may be able to use” The excitement and enthusiasm was still there so I really did throw much away, and used small clear containers to sort the other items. Ahh, one more cabinet with drawers to finish. and inventory.  At this time I realized my husband and I were calling it ‘your/my Studio’ . This was exciting because this studio, even though small compared to my 'previous cluttered, could not find anything’  would be used for fiber and art projects.  Sewing machine coming in a couple of months.  Then Life got in the way/weekend arrived or was it worrying about this and that, including getting behind in posting and I lost the momentum I had. In the ensuing three weeks, I will continue with this last cabinet in my studio, another hall way cabinet filled to the brim with sewing/yarn/fabric/pattern, and in the 3rd week, the Paperwork.

It was easy to sort and clear out items and I am hoping the "one item in, another item out" will be easy to do. I tried to find some things I had done to take apart but all those are back in the storage unit.  I am sure with me playing more with my art, there will be many items to take apart and put back together, so this I am looking forward to trying. Will post when this happens.  Playing and making art is least comfortable than fiber related things for me, so my limitations of what I think I can do, will be taxed. But I love to play with new things to try them out, especially the new set of Derwent Inkense watercolor pencils I just bought.  they are awesome, lots of pigment.

Last note:  The word ‘limitations’ shakes my rebel child to a core, not sure why; however, she seems to be settling down somewhat since this course began.  maybe limitations is what she needs.