Randi W.

I am still recovering from pneumonia so I am a bit behind but I had an interesting experience which I “felt” (pun intended) fit into the limitation category.  One night there was a bad storm and during a break in the rain there was a full moon, the light breaking through the storm clouds scuttling across the sky. The effect of the light with all the moisture in the air was spectacular!  I didn’t have any camera but my little phone and I thought oh well, use what I have and try to capture it.  I took a photo and enlarged it, and I was surprised how it came out pretty good (see photo)  I felt so inspired by it I just grabbed wool from my stash and felted a picture trying to capture that spectacular and the colors reflected in the night sky around the moonlight with all the moisture in the air.  I didn’t over think it just grabbed colors and black, which I don’t usually work with and started wet felting and when it dried I started needle felting some more on top of it.  I was very pleased with the result because it captured for me that spectacular moment of moonlight, color and the storm clouds moving through.  I used what I had and explored an moment of awe.