Nancy N.

I’ve probably always had unwritten rules, but this exercise made me realize that writing them down gives them validity. If I post the list in my office, the place that steals most of my studio time, I will value their importance to me. When I remodeled my office and began the huge effort of going paperless, I wrote a to-do and rules list, and it worked. So, this will work too.

Studio Rules

  • When finished with a project, put away tools & supplies within 3 days.
  • Keep inventory up to date, including location of each item.
  • Reuse/repurpose instead purchasing. 
  • Continue journaling each piece, start to finish with photos.
  • Add audio books to studio.
  • Revisit Blueprint for Moving Ahead weekly. How about on Friday afternoon.
  • Reuse/repurpose: at least once a month select something from vast collection of stuff. Put it on display and brainstorm about what to do with it. Calendar for the 10th of the month.
  • Make a list of places to dispose of things such as thrift shops and ebay because throwing things in the trash is not an option. Where no good option exists, create one. Use as an example the garden club where you can take your unwanted, non-thriving plants and someone will want and adopt them. Always give more than you bring home. Exhibit restraint.
  • Beforebeginning to stitch, decide how to finish the piece. Painters have it easy — frames are everywhere. But, how do you finish a scrap of stitched cloth? Netted pieces often finish themselves, but what’s the plan if one doesn’t.

Work within Limitations — my project

A friend gave me a flat metal sculpture with a hook for hanging, and I bought two South African dolls at the Smithsonian. All are small, just a few inches tall. I wanted to display them where I could see them often and enjoy them. I decided to hang them from a light and needed some kind of ring. Reuse/repurpose. I explored my house, but didn’t find a ring of the right size. Then I remembered that many of my Sea Creations are round, and found one just the right size. Flipping it from hanging vertically to horizontally, I hung it from the light and added the dolls. Now I can enjoy both the Sea Creation and the dolls at the same time.

Thanks, Jane. Without this exercise I be combing the stores for a ring!