Helen M.

My husband and I share our workspace and our 3 year old also has an easel in here so fitting everything in in a usable way is an ongoing challenge! We have recently invested in some new storage and are planning one more acquisition for large papers and then we think we have it pretty well sorted.  Due to the new storage I have reorganised most of my stash recently but there are still things which can go, I have sorted out 3 piles of fabric/old clothes for recycling/charity/gifting and I will get rid of the bag of denim once I can get to it!

I have made myself a commitment that while it probably won't be quite one in one out, I am being very selective about what does come in and limiting myself to basics for dyeing and replacement threads and yarns, not sure I'll be 100% successful but I was at a textile show yesterday and came back with less than half a bag full (ordinary shopping bag size) which I thought was a rather good start.

This week has been a school holiday here so I've not managed a great deal of stitching time however I have started work on a small piece, working with a colour chosen at random by my husband (turquoise) which I am enjoying though I struggled a bit to start it until I found a photograph of underwater sunlight.  Even then I had to undo some of the stitching due to a poor thread choice.  The piece will be finished soon and I will add a photo then.  It's not gone in quite the direction I had hoped it would but I'm still calling it underwater sunlight.