Sue-Anne S.

I rather enjoyed this week.  Limitations are freeing, fewer decisions, less gridlock, yeah!

….so I went into my studio knowing I would find any number of unfinished pieces I could use for this exercise.  I chose an unfinished collage board from the last workshop I took (trying to fine tune my design skills, an ongoing project).  I found the gelli plate prints I had started with and limited myself to just those sheets.   Then I managed to impose some discipline and tried writing in my journal first, making lists of words, whatever popped into my head and wrote it down.  The theme was layers….and then I started adding layers to the board.  I’ve included a photo here so you can get an idea of what I was working on.  It’s not exactly finished….or maybe I might have wanted to stop a layer or two back.  

So those are words I wrote last week – shy about posting, I let it percolate (to use Pam L.’s perfectly descriptive word.  That tool always made better marks in your hands!)

And at first I didn’t think this piece ‘said’ anything, but after letting it cook, I see my message….to myself…I see the barriers on the right to the creative bubbles on the left and the divide I need to get over to free things up.  Has taken me a week here to work through my emotions andfeel comfortable with this.  I am finding the class extremely hard and yet fabulous and wonderful at the same time.

More from Last week-  I cleared out ‘stuff’, randomly.  A drawer here, a cupboard there, refreshing is a silly, but good word for it.  Bagged up some studio supplies I know are going nowhere for me.  I actually like to do that kind of clearing, but I can find any number of excuses to skip it.  I do resolve to keep at it!  And while I can resist buying yarn and art supplies (I live in the country so running out to an art store is at best a 3 hour turnaround), what I have a really hard time not buying are BOOKS.  And I’ve added a half dozen since the start of class from all those tempting lists from Jane.  They help me think, give me new ways to look at things and I know I can’t stop nor do I even want to.  And as hard as it will be, I intend to cull the shelves for those books that make no sense to own now, like the basket making books!  That period was over decades ago!   So the take away for me so far is to just keep going.  Thanks, Jane, I appreciate the ways you are moving my head.