Rita H.

I guess this proves there is no such thing as coincidence.  Because I have just moved my studio into my attic, I was thinking before Week 4 came online that I REALLY need to go through my stuff and organize.  So, here I am, still doing that, it will take time as I have to rethink how to set up this very wonky space.  But just dealing with the first two bins has unearthed so many things I have been looking for for years, and could never find them.  So thank you for this urging, and validation that I need this to BEGIN my journey.

Also, before we moved I already went through and donated huge bags and bags of fabric, and STUFF in order to NOT schlep them to yet another location.  I have often felt “donators remorse”, like, Why did I give that away, I could use that now. But I see that now, because I have so little fabric remaining, I can really begin anew to develop what I truly want to do, Which, seems to be bubbling up, that I want to get into painting/altering fabrics, screen printing, to create my fabrics instead of running out and buying more and more all over again.  I have no idea how to start, but I am trusting that it will open up to me.

A word about the Committee. This week, when a negative thought comes around, it begins to take hold but just for a second.  Now I remember, Hey, wait a minute, I fired that person from my committee – sounds a little juvenile but it seems to be helping.  I feel freer and happier about following my own path.  I’m also reading Sacred Contracts, fascinating.  Maybe getting it on tape will be better.  I am grateful to be reading all the other class writings and comments.  I see over and over I HAVE to write more, and more, something I have been avoiding.  I’m so used to doing and doing and doing more, that I am understanding that writing will just focus my doing in a deeper, more productive way.