Jen M.

I totally understand the 'too much stuff' talk! Thinking about it, it is one of my  ultimate forms of procrastination! My room is cram packed full of resources, art supplies that I have bought to try and trick my way out of my resistance to making. When in doubt, which has been nearly all of the time over the last 3-4 years - BUY! I have folders of 'how to' projects! When I tried to work through a C&G Quilting course, more stuff! 

I have long known that this needed to be dealt with - I posted a picture of a 'cleaned' up, tidy (sort of!) studio a couple of weeks ago. In general, the group where it was posted seemed to feel that those members who embroidered were neat, those of use who mixed media messy - my room because I do both was half and half!

On Saturday, I went to my room - couldn't put it off and felt that I needed to create a machined cord. Couldn't find my red machine threads, pulled out stuff every where! Machine wouldn't work properly - forced myself to the laundry to get the small screwdriver to adjust the bobbin case, 'cos I couldn't find that either! After much frustration, swearing, tension I did create a cord - it's not finished yet, but at least still did something! 

I know that I have to face this and begin the clearing and think it will be with the folders. The pull of 'I may use it one day' is still there, but there will be some meditating on this and don't think it is something that I can just go in dump stuff. 

I know that the boxes of sewing patterns may be worth something on ebay, but am unsure that the drawing out of the process, rather than taking them to the local charity shop would be the best option!

Apologies for the about of exclamation marks, but this week really spoke to me!