Trisha F.


I have been thinking about this all week and still feel very unresolved.  I don't think I have huge hoards of stuff.  I tend to throw stuff and work away after a while.  

I have been working with black and white for a while, some quite big 1 -2 meters square (quilts) and some 12 inches square.  This one is about a meter square.  I have everything I need to make these.

And now I am working on variable 12 inch about collages using canvas, paint, stitch etc.  I did go and buy more paint to do these and canvas.  

My problem with limitations is not about keeping stuff, it can be about buying stuff, I think it is about techniques and process, limiting myself, making a decision about what I really want to do.  For me this elephant is always there - the black and white is ............., the canvases are ............... and so I wobble and vacilate.