Robin F.


I love the idea of working within limitations, no matter what they are. I find when there are no limitations, my mind is not focused, too many possibilities, scattered. I too spent too much time buying supplies & “stuff”. It was almost like a contest. In the last little while, I have taken great pleasure in getting rid of some of the “stuff”. My large black garbage bag was full to the top, my head now has a little more room for new projects. It does make quite a difference as to what I accomplish when the “studio” is organized.

I did have a couple of almost finished pieces that had been around for a while. I think if they have been hanging around not finished…….. it is because I don’t like them. Now was the time to cut them up & make something new.   

 That was fun, no guilt because it was being made into something that was better. A very freeing thing to do. I thought I would like to use all of both the pieces that I cut up, so ended up with three 20” squares. One is finished, the other two need to be quilted. I will post the other two in the next few days.

I did set a few limitations with colour & size. 

I am off to make my sign Use what’s here & hang it up where I can see it every day.

The peach picture & the solid green picture are what I started with. I added a few more fabrics, ended up with the last picture.