Kara B.

     I've spent all of my quilt art time dealing with boundaries. They used to be no space, now they are small, but constant space. I redid my studio over the summer and limited what I put back into it. I limit myself to fabric that I have for a planned project because I don't have much space for extra fabric. Then there's time limitations. A full-time job, two kids under ten and a music gig once a week, I have limited time to do any other kind of art. I make the time to work, a minimum of an hour a night. Some days I play, others I work on finishing projects, some I do hand-work, but I do something every day. I had just gotten materials to quilt a new quilt for our bed this week, and I really wanted to get the quilting started on it, so for a small, fun project for class, I limited myself to a 12x 11.5 inch of fabric, could only thread paint and had to use stash fabric, thread and stabilizer. I have always wanted to try thread painting, but didn't know what to do. Inspiration came in the form of an art app that my kids love that lets them "finger paint" and results in really fantastic abstract images. Here is the result! I call it "Firework #1" and am planning to do more as soon as I can.