Jeannette L.

Oh this exploring of limitations was just the push I needed.  

If my focus is on felt making and stitching why do I need drawers full of candy wrappers? I've kept my soldering iron but the candy and chocolate wrappers are all gone.  Wow and now I have 3 empty drawers.

The bags of avocado skins that were in the freezer that I'd been saving for dyeing have been given away.  They really needed to go but I was holding onto them just in case I might one day do some eco-dyeing.  

Onion skins - and lots of them - sitting where I'd see them everyday but doing nothing with - are also gone!

A large container of card making supplies that I haven't done anything with since someone gave them to me 2 years ago - given away.

Oh the lightening of the load feels wonderful and now that I've started I'm not going to stop.

Thanks for this terrific lesson Jane!