Janis D. - Addition

Before I move on to next week's lesson, I want to pass on some additional thoughts I've had this week.  I must admit to feeling a bit confused about content in art.  Most of the time, when I make art I don’tthink I have a message, per se.   I’m nottrying to preach or convince those who look at it to think like I do. I’m justputting it out there.  Yet, all exhibits want an artist statement and ask for you to explain the meaning of your art.  Sometimes that’s not so hardbecause I often make art that uses and expresses my love of nature and naturalforms.  I’m not very intellectual aboutmy art and I’m often looking for meaning as I work, not the other wayaround.  I can’t be alone with thisthought and wonder how others deal with this or feel about it. Sometimes this also makes it hard to scavenger hunt when I don’t even know what I’m looking for.