Jane P.

The Power of Limitations

Use what you have got!

That phrase certainly resonates with to me.

When studying for my City &Guilds in creative embroidery and design, we had several excersiseswith limitations.

Some were using only one stitch  and how far can you push that stitch whilst keeping its main character.

Another was to create a piece using one type of fabric and two colours. The resulting piece was a geological coastline inspired piece made from muslin. The fabric was dyed, shredded, machined , pleated, steamed and beaded to give the required textures.

While completing the C&G course I accumulated a wide variety of art materials adnd fabrics, which I rarely use. In the beginning, it was like being a child in a sweet shop going to shows and visits to college from Art Van Go.

The end result was a workshop full of unwanted materials  and fabrics.

Recently, I have converted my garage, which had become a family dumping groung, into a new studio area. So I have spent a lot of time discarding anything I don't need or was so old it had gone off!! Fabric can be difficult for me to be parted from. Some I have had for many years, generally bought without a project in mind, because I loved it!

Jane, I think your two rules for the workshop are brilliant but I know my weaknesses and following the rule may be easy to start with but difficult as time goes on!

I am very inspired by the landscape where I live and have spent time writing spidergrams about how to start some new work. This week I have made some gell plates to print fabrics with materials collected while out walking the dog. Also I have been taking photographs and archiving the huge number of photographs I have taken over the past few years.

Some examples of what I have been up to this week.

Jane I have not been anywhere near my studio for several years, as both my parents have passed in the past 4 years.

Thank you so much. Your course is certainly helping me to find my creative self again.