Ellen R.

My first reaction to the "Limitations" lesson was "Ahh! Time! My limitation is Time! I can't do this one right now!" There were all sorts of things in my closet waiting for me to play with - the dried lotus pods I have been wanting to sketch, the telephone wire I've been wanting to weave, the pretty feathers I bought 'just because' and have been looking for a project. But I just kept working feverishly on my existing weaving project, which must be done for a May 1 exhibition deadline and is WAY behind schedule. Priorities. At least I am in the studio everyday, right?

And then I ran out of yarn.  

Oh, I had placed an order almost a month ago - surely it will come in time. Nope.  I quick emailed a known yarn hoarder friend - did she have any of the color I needed? Yes, she said. Whew!  We met. The dye lots were off.  Hers was darker and duller, and as the need was for the very light blend in the lightest part of the sky in the attached image of my "Grasses" tapestry, I knew it would be a noticeable change and would detract. I was stuck waiting for my order and hoping what I received would be the same dye lot as what I started with.  I was handed a limitation.

So there is a rather huge UFO in my studio, so I went back to it. It's a 5' x 5' UFO! When I left off I was stuck in a certain place - I had woven and unwoven a certain area, not liking the color blends or the value shifts and not sure what I should do.  For some weird reason, I was able to see a way forward this week and was able to tackle the problem area while I waited for my order to arrive. (image attached) It's not great, but I am satisfied with it and can move on. It felt really good to be working on "the monster" again!

So the yarn arrived and it was the lighter dye lot I needed. I'm off to the races!  For me week 5 will be Limitations part 2 as I will be on vacation and out of the studio for the week. I'll just have my sketchbook and a journal. I'm looking forward to working in this contemplative way. In the meantime must. keep. weaving….