Pam L.

Oh my. Been trying to keep my head down and rebelliously work in the studio every day this week. Um - for the first time in weeks! Hmm, maybe months.  This assignment took me many places (in my head). Seemed like I was (intentionally) engaged all this week, to work through "the mess"- literally, and in my head.  I must say it has been a great relief to (at least begin to )address the many stale and languishing elephants in this room.  I also took an afternoon to fill a few pages with free association - lots of "content" showing up.  Kind of interesting to see the mind map of all the different "stuff". (Nature, music,texture (TEXTURE!)... Nature stuff... Etc etc)

Saturday, having cleared at least the cutting table, I pulled out elephant #1: 

a pile of papers printed with excess dye on a fun day 2 years ago (and - Thank you, Miss Sue Anne S, for that present of the Catalyst tool😊. And so nice to see you here.). Hard to cut into these papers, but I had to move on this inertia. Fiddled around with cropping a bit and pasted some into journal. Some examples:

Like some of the lines. Ok, now what.  Let it percolate more.

On to elephant #2, Sunday:

a 36 x 40-ish "textile" of sorts from painted / printed papers, laminated to poly and silk, stitched / "quilted" 1/3 of the way , until I realized I didn't like it at all and was falling into the same old symmetrical rigid traps. Loved the crinkly yet soft paper/ silk combo, tho..

Cut into it??hmm.could not seem to get there, without a plan.  Decided I needed more "crayons" - different colors ? Hmm. Let it percolate. 

# 3 Elephant in the room - similar type of textile, blues, that did not make it into a show, but!!!I actually CUT INTO THIS ONE.  Recombined the pieces;the outcome was not great, but at LEAST, I started cutting!  So hard. And I Still have hand woven images in my head and I still want to explore a larger piece with one or more colors.  Still....Percolating...

Tuesday: back to Elephant #2.  Red weirdness.

Let's paint some more "stuff".  More colors/variations for perhaps a larger piece. More RED.  More SOMETHING ELSE. Well, One afternoon was clearly not enough for painting/creating a color palette of papers that I envisioned - but I remembered the joy of the mono printing process. Yay.  So -Can I keep going w/o the paints I wish I had??  Time will tell (!). Use what you have... (Refrain)

Anyway: I liked looking at what I wrote this week because it IS the start of intentional planning. Whether I decide to follow the plan(s)or not.  Thank you, Jane!