Gail G.

1.    Despite being out of action for 4 days, I have made some progress.  I have (re)-organised the sewing room shelves, which are much better.  I have gone through all my fabrics, thrown some away and made 4 bags to take to SSEG.  I will continue the process with the boxes on top of the shelves so that I can hopefull have all the fabric in the sewing room.

  1. My limitations on the pieces I am working on have already been decided
  • red and black and canvas
  • inks and fabric and stitch and black paper.

    3. I have 2-3 pieces on the go, the Paris one, the large red and black quilt and the Pollack attempt.     This is enough for the time being.  

    4. I have been stuck on the Paris piece for a while, and several attempts have not worked; I will stick to the limitations and see if it works."