Ann-Marie L.

Lesson four has me thinking and doing a lot this week.  I find myself focused on intuition (listen to your broccoli) working with limits and especially content.  I am reading Bird by Bird, which I love, love, love and listening to Sacred Contracts in the car.  So much to mull over!  One of my biggest issues, and the main one perhaps for taking this class,  is my apparent inability to develop and understand content and focus.  I move from idea to idea, thought to thought, without ever really  doing the exploration necessary to delve deeply into content/subject matter.  It’s as if I am afraid of myself: let’s do this one project quick and forget about whatever it brings up and move on.  This definitely gets me thinking about archetypes (caregiver, saboteur) and once again my fears.  I pretty much finish everything, but where does it lead me?  Have I really explored to the point of feeling I made a breakthrough, that I have really brought my full conscious and unconscious attention to the subject and material?  I would say no.  I did look at some older work and do see a thread and want to pay better attention. 

I like limitations in all things, as I get very easily overwhelmed with too many choices.  I wanted to focus on content and mining for meaning.  I looked at some photos that I have taken over the last 2 weeks and did a list of what I think is going on, what’s the link and the thread and how do I feel.  Words like transitory, impermanence, fleeting, shadow and more filled my writing.  I printed out some photos on paper and cut them up and made 3 simple collages.  I started to think I was looking at someone else’s work since I never work this way.  Meaning much more thoughtfully.  I ended up with an image I wanted to explore and started pulling from my hand dyed and printed fabrics and have been working on a small piece all week.  I have included a photo that is part of my inspiration and hope to post the near completed small fabric piece tomorrow.