Wendy B.

The seduction of

possibility is a

“committee” of mine

Even though I’ve never met Jane, I’m sure she knows me personally. I know because Lesson Four was written about me. I have been seduced by possibility. I have so many quilting and art gadgets, I’ve forgotten about lots of them. Whenever I’m at the sewing machine, every thread tail I cut off goes into a small bag beside the machine. I may need that thread mass some day. In fact, I’ve used it. Once. Two years ago. I’m very proud that I’ve been successful at forcing myself to throw away the dryer lint, especially when it has some nice color to it. I often worry that there “might not be enough,” (even with food, even though I’ve never gone hungry, but we won’t go into dietary habits here.)

Not at the hoarding stage yet, but definitely hanging on to too many things I don’t have specific plans for using. I need that mental spaciousness that comes with clearing things out.  I think I can let go of those boxes of Quilter’s Newsletter I’ve been saving for “retirement—in case I don’t have the money to purchase patterns then.” Guess what? I don’t want to use patterns anymore; I want to create original quilts and art.

Limiting the variables is an approach I’ve never considered, other than maybe making a monochromatic or all neutral piece. There are so many possibilities in my studio that it is an inhibitor to creativity. Using boundaries and free association lists (brainstorming sessions) were part of my professional life…why have I never used them in my creative life? It makes perfect sense. Content and planning lists is where I’m heading now. Need to set limitations, which is more freeing than limiting. Need to write more. Going to write several game plans for short, easy projects and put them in a hat. Get into the studio and just pick one. I’ve done a couple of very small projects since this class started, and I can see that "just doing" is a great way to get the juices flowing. I vow to stop working in dribs and drabs! Accomplishment, aka completion, is good for me, and makes me want to build on those successes.