Jane M.

Clearing out

Well I have the perfect opportunity to clear out . About a year ago I packed up my studio and moved from the Netherlands to the UK, back to our old family home. Returning home was wonderful in all aspects except I no longer had anywhere permanent to felt . We embarked on a period of house renovation including building me a new studio. It's all almost ready . I can't miss this opportunity to think very carefully about what I fill my new room with, I certainly can't just open all the boxes and fill it up. And that brings a limitation, as it's not just my studio that's in boxes , but the whole kitchen , and all our books and ornaments , pictures, bedding ........ So time is most definitely not on my side. I must sort the kitchen out aspa and I must move my felt supplies so my son- law can stay in two weeks. A miracle is possible I am sure !

Beautiful studio

the best fibre and fabrics 

to make thoughtful felt.

Cutting up

I have practised the art of cutting up things that don't work before , the best one was a felted jacket that's fit was not great and it's now a collection of abstract felt pictures.  

I have had in my work in progress a two sided felt piece that incorporated part of a piece of silk scarf that I loved and I had kept for years waiting for the perfect opportunity. The two sided idea was good I principle but for me did not really work in practise. I have got this piece out on many occasions in the 6 months since I made it and put it away again , disappointed that it was not right and I had wasted my precious silk scarf on it. 

Yesterday I worked up the courage to cut it up, switch the orientations round and bring parts from the back to the front. Here is the result. Just pinned together but already an improvement!