Debbie E.

This week was very interesting, working with limitations - there is so much available to buy and study and get interested in I usually have multiple projects on the go. Starting to declutter and scaling down is feeling really good. I have filled two bin bags this week of things that I don't use or need. Having space feels so freeing and makes me feel a lot better and less frenetic. I am really thinking about things that I love and writing down the words and then used the 2 minutes to write down all my thoughts associated the words. I see images but haven't drawn these yet but it is a start and writing down the things you love on paper is really nice. I am really enjoying writing it all in a notebook and I am feeling more in control of where I am heading rather than all over the place if this makes sense. I have planned to make a small piece this weekend using just white cotton sateen and thread so have limited myself and see what I come up with using my word association also, looking forward to working on this, this weekend. Will also keep up the work on clearing my studio.