Michele K.

I won't stay too long on the subject of sorting out and reorganising stuff in my studio, which is quite small anyway. I think it is important to go through the shelves regularly and take the time to estimate where I am now, what I use or will use, and what is now out of interest for me.

I like the idea of the listing of words linked to a topic. Yesterday, I started the "scavenger hunt" with 10 words, allowing two minutes for each. Today, with the words which were more interesting for me, I will do again the same exercice, allowing me more time to think. We'll see...

Now, for me the most interesting and the most difficult part of the question is the question of the content. "Le fond et la forme". " La forme, c'est le fond qui remonte à la surface" (Victor Hugo), my (very basic) translation would be : form is content which has been lift back to the surface.

I will just now translate in English what I wrote in my notebook in French. I hope it will be clear enough.

1- suggestion : make a piece of work, starting from a photo showing a river, light fog lifting up, trees on the other side of the river, leaves still mainly green, bushes of thistle already brown near the photographer.
Résumé : lovely landscape, nothing spectacular, peaceful place, light.

2- my feeling / why I took the photo.

Was walking with my dog. Coolish weather, nice to breathe. On my way home. Dog strolling around. Sort of joy, happiness. Feeling of serenity. Light fog, just lifting up. Trees on the other side gradually getting the sunshine. Leaves are revealing their yellow side. Softness, peace, sensation of being lucky, well being.
Didn't really notice the thistle was already wintery when I took the photo. Was just looking for a foreground image. What would have been the photo with a green bush in front ? Would it have make smaller the importance of the other side ?

3- How?

How to translate that lovely balanced instant ? How to show a significance in the picture, without making it over sentimental and sirupy? How to make readable the passage from the fog to the light. Allegory is a big word for that, but something like that, leaving the incertain in the back, and going to the light. How to valorise that little shiny space on the trees, without it being to obvious ?

End of the translation from my notebook. Now, I am about there. I went to a photo program on the computer, to change colours, go to greys etc. I am not too experimented on that, I have to start learning and trying.

I fact, I don't really know if that is what you called content. When I read again why I wrote, it appear that I want to make visible the peace and serenity that I have recover. Is that content?

Is it made up afterwards, just because I liked the instant of the ordinary photograph? I would be very happy if some of you can comment, because I don't know if I am searching in the right direction to make my work more corresponding to me.

Have a nice day.