Maria S.

I found 2 things in this week's lesson.  First, the clearing out of the studio.  Of course this is a great thing to do not only with the hundreds of supplies I have but it's also interesting to finish the many started projects I have.  Well, either finishing up or recycling the project in some other way.

Second, to work within the limitations of my supplies.  This makes me be creative and come up with a solution.  Good for new ideas.  But also showed me that I have so many different kinds of supplies that I don't know which one I like the best.  A very hard decision when trying to clear out the studio.

Another central part of this week's lesson for me was the idea of content.  When I make a piece that is only supplies motivated, it doesn't work.  When I start with a piece that has writing behind it, it works.  I didn't realize this so clearly until now.  My work that doesn't get accepted in exhibitions is missing content.  But starting with a good base of content is hard for me, so I will have to work on it.

Exercises for this week:

1.  clean up the studio, well, I'm on it.  Finish all started projects, or recycle.  Yes, helps to see and think clearly.

2. working within limitations.  I chose a thread sketch that I've been working with and didn't know what to do with.  I cut it up and collaged it to some left over collages and found I liked this version.  I'm still wondering about content, though....