Deb S.

I was once again really impressed with the content of Week 4 and the self evaluation that came. Interestingly enough, we had cleaned out unneeded items thru out our home last spring - very refreshing!

I was very intrigued by the poem. So simply stated but meaningful. In the past I would create a piece and then name it as its character developed but while I was generally satisfied with my end result, I often thought it was rather flat and meaningless - it didn't tell a story. I think going forward it would be really helpful to write a poem conveying my story and then create the piece. Using the poem itself as a parameter. 

When viewing art, I find myself drawn to many different styles but the connection is always use of color and value - to create glow. I wrote this little poem in Haiku form to post on my studio wall as a constant reminder of what moves me and thru this path I will tell my story. 

Pathways to my soul

Kindled by light and color 

Emotions conveyed

Sorry I'm late with week 4's assignment. We are in the process of remodeling our home. Fun but messy!