Michelle P.

Cleaning out my studio.  This task actually took place In August of this year when I moved to the 2nd largest bedroom from the smallest.  My studio is always organized unless I am working on a project.  Everything has its place.  I must be a neat freak!  The fabric is on it shelf, thread in its containers, paints, dyes, brushes, gloves in their cabinet, etc., scissors in the drawer, and the list goes on.  I did notice that one basket (approx. 21x10) that I left for later.  So, I guess later is now.  

To begin this assignment with a fresh start, I decided to re-look at everything again.  To my surprise, I found some items that I really didn’t need or want anymore.  I made a decision to give these items away to a few quilt friends that I know would treasure them.  Now it was on.  As I looked around to make sure I covered everything, I notice my quilt tote.  Did I go through that?  No.  I found four zippers in that tote.   Lol.  No zippers for me!  Next, I revisited the last shelf on my fabric rack one more time and I found two projects that I decided to make as gifts for two friends of mine.   I knew these projects were there but they were on my “to do list.”  This time, I felt different. I just looked at the projects.   I wanted them done.  I had already purchased the fabric.  I only needed to purchase the pillows.  I guess I didn’t want to make any more pillows since I made practically all of the throw pillows in my house (without zippers).  The more I thought about those pillows the madder I got.  I moved the half done projects from the shelf to the table so that I can remember to purchase the pillows and make them.  Oh well.  I finished going through the basket I mentioned earlier and one small file case of papers for my business.  Nothing else left in my studio do but to take inventory.  I have never taken inventory of my studio but I am glad I did.  Afterwards, I just stood there.  Then it hit me.  I went into the small bedroom where my computer, quilt magazines, books, and a filing cabinet for our personal records.  The books and magazines were easy but not the filing cabinet.  Cleaning out that cabinet was on my to do list also.  So, I dove in and straightened out the filing cabinet and shredded lots of papers.  Whew!  

Moving forward in this assignment…I just realize I lack Content, I LACK CONTENT!  I LACK CONTENT! 

I sat in my studio looking at fabric on the design wall.  Fabric that I have hand dyed or paint and commercial fabric that I purchase.   Where do I start?  I have ideas in my head but nothing is connecting.      

What do I love?  I gave myself time to think about it and I can’t shake that fact that I love Nature!  I take pleasure and connect to Nature.  I have numerous pictures of sun rises, oceans, rivers, leaves, mountains, trees, plants, clouds, gardens, etc.  I love creation!  I have never thought about what I love until this assignment because it’s just a part of me.  On numerous occasions, I have stopped the car to take pictures of trees, mountains, clouds, etc. I have so many pictures of nature that I have had to delete some of them.  

Why do I love about Nature?  Connection to the Creator.  I am fascinated with the formation, color, growth, movement, calmness and the intense side.  I watch blue skies with white clouds that form so many different shapes and stare at the movement of the water in the ocean.   I love crape myrtle trees and roses bushes, flowers and growing my own veggies.    

I decided to use a piece of fabric where I had practice painting on.  Yes, it was my first time playing with paint on fabric.  (I have actually gotten better since the first piece).  To make this piece better I choose to add some leaves.  My original thought was to appliqué the leaves on the fabric but I wanted to do something different.  So, I played with my silk screen for the first time.  I have only had the screen for a year.  I really enjoyed it.  However, I could not get the piece dry.  I figured I used to much ink.  It’s still a little sticky to sew on it but it was good to be in studio again.