Annie C.

I appreciate the synchronicity of this week. Friends I meet with monthly to make art together were talking about the popular Japanese de-cluttering book. The next day, I saw and registered for a class based on the book. Then the Artist Strength lesson came. I love it. I disposed of a couple of gallons of soda ash  solution (photo) that I hadn't used in months. An added benefit is I have plenty of soda ash to last until winter. That's when I enjoy buying it, because the pool supply store smells like summer at poolside.

I'm presently at Baltimore airport, waiting for my final leg to New England. The trip was motivated by gifting a baby rocking chair to baby my 1 1/2 yr old niece, Mary. The chair belonged to my dad's aunt (born in 1800's). Shipping it was an estimated $240, so put the money toward a flight, boxed the chair, and included it in my baggage. I'm gifting Mary's twin, James, an Ikea child's canvas sling chair. I'll babysit them on their parents' 10th anniversary (I officiated)! So de-cluttering the baby rocker has evolved into a wonderful adventure. I'm reading "The Opposite of Spoiled", and it fits some of the suggestions.

I'll be with 6 of my 8 siblings, and staying with my amazing artist sisters: Jean, a visual artist and Judy, who spins, dyes and knits.

Plus the foliage will be peaking, and I'll be peeking.

There might be a "wool crawl" and a Shelbourne, VT visit.

Feeling great. Thanks for the lesson/s.